Cranberry Rosehip

Cranberry Rosehip

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6.5% Semi-sweet
Cranberry Rose hip Seasonal
Added: January, 2018

From Finnriver - In the orchard of our imagination, Elijah K. Swan places his hand on his heart and grabs hold of a rain-washed apple. He takes a bite, smiling with the satisfaction of a promise well kept between water, sun, soul and soil... Our seasonal cier series began as an expression of gratitude to our neighbors, Lige and Kay Christian, who first put in the apple orchard and then allowed us to plant our own roots here. It also honors the flock of trumpeter swans who overwinter in this valley, bright beacons of wildness and grace. Each bottle features wildcrafted or garden grown ingredients that celebrate the bounty and beauty of the Olympic Peninsula.


January, 2018
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Very tart