Cranberry Jewel
Apple Outlaw

4.0 1 rating
5.5% Sweet
Cranberry Orange Rose Hip Seasonal
Added: January, 2018
Cranberry Jewel

Cranberry Jewel Apple Outlaw

From Apple Outlaw - It only makes sense this scoundrel calls the Applegate Valley home; when everything about Apple Outlaw embodies the pioneer spirit, right down to its core. Crafted with a festive blend of apples, cranberry, rose hips, and orange peel, Cranberry Jewel is bursting with holiday spirit. Tart cranberries and bright apple aromas come together in perfect harmony for this delightful cider; a gem that's guaranteed to leave your taste buds merry!


January, 2018
220 ratings

Just like other cranberry ciders, this one is great for Thanksgiving