Cranberry Rosehip

Cranberry Rosehip

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6.5% Semi-sweet
Cranberry Rose Hip Seasonal
Added: January, 2018

Small batch seasonal production featuring cider fermented on the farm using 100% organic apple juice pressed from Washington apples. We ferment the cider to dry and then add the juice of transitional organic cranberries from the Washington coast’s Starvation Alley farm, and an infusion of rose hips gathered the hedges across the Olympic Peninsula. Sweetened with unrefined organic cane sugar for added depth and balance. Lightly carbonated. Contains no gluten ingredients. Serving Suggestions: Serve chilled in the glass of your choice.

Bright apple fruit with tart cranberry infusion, a rosy blush and herbal, bittersweet finish from the rosehips.


April, 2019
498 ratings
Semi-sweet Bottle Medium carbonation

Incredibly tart, not too sweet, yeasty aftertaste.